River Cruises

River cruising – the ultimate way to explore the world:

River cruising is, quite possibly, the best way to travel and experience many of the world’s most fascinating places. Comfortable and convenient, a river cruise offers travellers the chance to explore a greater variety of destinations within one trip, and provides in-depth exposure to the culture and history of each region.

What to Expect on a River Cruise

Enjoy gourmet meals prepared by the European chefs, local wines and beers included with dinners, enriching programs complete with sightseeing, demonstrations, workshops and lectures. River cruises open Europe’s historical heart to the comfort-oriented traveller.

The most popular waterways of Europe make up the majority of the itineraries. They include:

  • the Rhine
  • the Moselle
  • the Danube
  • the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal
  • the Dneiper

Imagine sailing aboard a deluxe passenger ship for 3,000 miles along the river network while visiting 13 countries. Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, crossing the Continental Divide with an elevation of 1,330 feet, by negotiating a complex system of river locks. Or start your vacation in Prague then cruise from Nuremberg to Trier on the Main, Rhine and Moselle rivers, and conclude your trip in magnificent Paris.

Venture out to Eastern Europe to cruise through the narrow gorges of the Iron Gates, sail along the Romanian-Bulgarian border to Bucharest, and stay overnight in Bulgaria before ending your journey in what was known for centuries as the world’s greatest city, Istanbul. In addition to Central & South East Europe, some river cruise operators offer France (Seine, Rhone and Saone), Portugal (Douro), Belgium & Holland (Maas and inland canals), Russia (Volga), Egypt (Nile) and China (Yangtze).

Booking a River Cruise

River cruising has quickly become a very popular method of travel, which is good news for you! Its popularity has generated a rather competitive segment within the travel industry, causing top-notch operators to offer frequent pricing promotions.

Nelson Worldwide Travel will help you understand the many options available on a river cruise, including:

  • pre- and post-accommodation and tours
  • discounts on consecutive bookings
  • staterooms with balconies
  • personal butler service
  • local sightseeing guides

When to Book a River Cruise

Cruising season in Europe commences in early April with Tulip Time programs, and carries on until December with Christmas cruises. However, the most popular cruising season tends to be between May and September because of the nicer weather. These dates book early and are priced accordingly.

For travellers on a budget, savings are available in the months of May, August, October and November. Some reverse itineraries (from South East to North West) tend to be priced lower. River cruise departures are guaranteed, and your vacation plan will go on uninterrupted, even if the water levels of European rivers are low: all river cruise operator have coaches available, and can negotiate any low-water areas with minimal adjustment to the planned itinerary.

Whether you’re new to river cruising or a seasoned traveller,  call me today to learn more about river cruising!

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