Packing Hacks

 Pack Hacks

Perfect your packing technique with these easy-to-execute tips.

1) Whenever possible, roll your clothing. This will minimize creasing and maximize space (and may even improve your DIY sushi technique).

2) A couple of dryer sheets tucked in your suitcase will give clothing a fresh-from-the-dryer scent upon arrival.

3) Keep business shirts crisp and meeting-ready by packing belts under the collars.

Keep business shirts crisp by packing belts under the collars

4) Employ disposable shower caps (available at most hotels) to separate dirty shoe soles from pristine garments.

5) Make every inch of your carry-on count by filling small empty nooks – tiny handbags, bra cups, boots – with stuffables like socks, underwear and gloves.

6) To keep food chilled for the trip, frozen sponges inside Ziploc bags are a security-approved alternative to ice packs.